22 7 08

News Items July 22nd 2008

India to import food amid drought

This monsoon season has brought 29% less rainfall than normal
India will import food to make up for shortages caused by a drought thought to be affecting 700 million people, the finance minister has said.
The minister, Pranab Mukherjee, did not specify what would be imported and when, saying he wanted to avoid speculation on prices.
The drought is affecting almost half of India's districts.

Ritual Slaughter in Swedish Village

The decapitated bodies of six wolves were found today arranged in a circle around the village of Gamla Uppsala ("Old Uppsala") a village outside Uppsala in Sweden

Suspect Flees, Officers Killed

The deportation and prosecution of San Francisco musician H.R. Hudson was put on hold today after the suspect escaped from custody while in transit to Pelican Bay State penitentiary. Hudson is now being sought on two charges of second-degree murder.

Nigeria rebels hand over weapons

Gen Boyloaf (right) has made peace with President Yar'Adua
A key militant leader in Nigeria's Delta region has handed over weapons under a government amnesty programme.
The militant, Ebikabowei Victor Ben, also known as General Boyloaf, is a top commander of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (Mend).
Hundreds of rifles and rocket launchers, as well as gunboats, were handed in at a ceremony in Yenagoa, near the oil city of Port Harcourt.
Unrest in the region has seriously affected Nigeria's oil production.
Gen Boyloaf has been seen as Mend's leading tactician, and was responsible for spectacular attacks against the oil industry, the BBC's Caroline Duffield in Yenagoa reports.
In 2008 he led a raid on Shell's Bonga oil field which the Nigerian government had boasted was impregnable.

Rising Concern Over Mining Industry

Zimbabwe's government has agreed to withdraw soldiers from numerous diamond mining fields amid criticism over human rights abuses, state-run media reports. Evacuation continues on the New Dawn Mining Corps. Turk gold Mine, after almost 50% of the workforce experienced repeated and sustained hallucinations. Mine foreman Emmanuel Dumisai is appearing on state media tonight to outline his allegations against what he terms “unsafe” practices orchestrated by New Dawn.

Fires rage unchecked near Athens

Residents have been told to leave as fires threaten homes
Major wildfires north-east of the Greek capital Athens are burning out of control, officials have said.
Dozens of fire fighters backed up by 35 engines, five helicopters and nine water-bombers are trying to contain the fires, which are fed by strong winds.
Flames have reached houses in the towns of Grammatiko and Varnavas, but no casualties have been reported.
The fires are the worst on the Greek mainland since those in 2007, when 70 people were killed. Still recovering from the floods of last year, emergency services are expected to face difficulties in containing the blazes, before they reach the lucrative vineyards in the susrrounding area.