In-game date 23-24/6/07

Crescent City Conference

The CCC conference for economic regeneration got underway in the city of New Orleans this week, with an opening address from Mayor Ray Nagin. The controversial highlight of the itinerary is expected to be to the keynote address by Lucien Arnborg, brother of the renowned economist and philanthropist, Mikael Arnborg, only recently deceased. In keeping with his stance regarding freedom of information, Arnborg will deliver his address in Audubon Park, in order to accommodate the expected glut of attendees from Tulane and Loyola Universities.

Maple Leaf Blossoms Again

The fourth Maple Leaf Rag will take place tonight in Oak St., with the traditional eclectic mix of blues, gospel and performance poetry. Tickets are expected to sell out fast due to an unconfirmed appearance by the recently “resurrected” singer, and hot new figure in town, “Sanite Dede.” The Maple’s owner, Hank Staples, has pronounced himself overjoyed that his club calls out even to those artists beyond the veil.

Walmart Temporarily Closed

The Wal-Mart on Jefferson Highway was closed by city police today after unconfirmed reports of a chemical spill. Drivers are advised to avoid Jefferson until further notice.

Wilds Cards Ready To be Drawn

The first round of the MGM Mirage Wild Card sponsored by Piper-Heidseck and Southern Comfort, will be held in The Columns Hotel in two days. As with the previous games in New York, San Francisco and Chicago, anyone is eligible to enter, provided they are of legal gambling age, and the winner will gain a VIP Wild Card ticket to a seat at the championships in Las Vegas in July. Current entrant estimates expect a pool of around five hundred eager competitors.

Plane Crash

Site analysis and clean-up continued today at the site of the America Airlines Flight 227 bombing. The hotline for all queries connected to the tragedy is 1-800-436-6155.