21st February 2010

The Scions were unable to contact Moshei and decided to keep Brunet away as it was leading up to the gig. Aggro spent the entire day getting ready for the gig and got Chen and Eric to start getting ready for the night as well.

The gig was underway following Aggro's plan with Eric watching the money being taken and Chen just having a good time. Aggro wowed the crowd as he always did doing even more outrageous stunts then before and venerating his father and himself in the process. Near the culmination of the gig a massive wash of energy swept through the arena and the city and the Scions felt refreshed and revitalised.

Brunet spent time on his home and was no longer infected with the music and held his own private party with a DJ. He saw outside a large storm brewing and saw the streets of London being cleared of all the rubble and debris.

Eric had the Einherjar conducting patrols round the arena and one of them reported back that there was a woman who had a flaming halo sitting in the foyer of the arena and nothing wasnt doing anything else. Eric said to leave the woman alone and they would investigate later.

Eric informed Aggro and he went to meet with the woman and she asked him to get his friends together. Aggro got everyone to meet with him and the woman who introduced herself as one of Shango's wives and she was impressed with the work the Scions had been carrying out as they were the only ones doing it. The Scions then relaxed the rest of the night and had a major party.

The next day at breakfast Aggro asked Brunet to explain what was happening with the Greeks and he explained about the man in the Halal butchers and what he had done so the Scions went off to sort the problem. The Scions after being confused by the illusion that was protecting the place managed to get to the butchers and Aggro and Eric managed to talk to the man and find out that he had brought the Greeks over for protection and was delaying the money because it provided him with power. The man also thanked Aggro for the revitalisation. The Scions then went back off to the hotel to wait for Moshei and plan their next move.