20th September 2009

The Scions had regrouped from their fight and had decided to make their way back to where Tyrone had been fighting with his army. Aggro with his sister and Layla set off on Asbo while Wile and Chen set off on Haemus, Eric and his Einherjar decided to go on foot and they gathered at the site where Tyrone was seen fighting. They saw that all but three of Tyrone’s metallic army were left while all the were-hyenas had been killed. Tyrone wasn’t happy seeing Eric and was asked questions by Eric and Aggro as to why he was here and he replied that he was hunting the Hyenas as he had been told to do so.

Moshei was following a brand of his Mother’s which led him to a painting in Boston. When he stared at the painting it slowly opened into a portal looking out over part of Guinea. He saw the group of Scions huddled round talking to one another. Eric and Aggro noticed a strange sound and turned to see a crack appear in the ground and a man on the other side who stepped through. Moshei focused on Tyrone as he sensed the brand was coming from him. Moshei started talking to Tyrone and said he had a way of getting out of Guinea but it would cost as Tyrone had something he wanted. They suggested going to a crossroads so that Tyrone would be able to talk to his father.

The group set off again with Aggro, His Sister, Layla and Moshei on Asbo, while Chen and Wile took flight on Haemus. Eric, his Einherjar, Tyrone and what was left of his Army set off on foot. The Scions on the flying creatures experienced problems that only Chen was able to see through as everyone else believed they were travelling the way they wanted while Chen knew they were flying vertically. Eric and Tyrone on the ground were able to see the animals flying higher into the sky.

In the sky the clouds and mist started to close in the animals and was slowly turning into a thick coiling smoke. Chen was the one to see the smoke taking on animalistic forms of bats with hot coals for teeth. Layla and Aggro’s sister were swept off Asbo by the smoke; the other Scions were warned by their various knacks to avoid being swept off the animal they were on. Aggro sprang into action trying to catch his sister and save her as she was slowly being eaten by the bat creatures. Wile was whisked off the back of Haemus and was bitten and vanished in a cloud of peacock feathers and landed back on Haemus’ back. Chen leapt from Haemus onto Asbo as he saw that the two animals were moving further apart. Aggro threw his golf club at the seething mass of smoke and made it recoil from his sister dropping her towards the ground. Moshei threw up a shield that pushed the smoke back causing it to release Layla. With the smoke kept at bay Aggro on Asbo managed to collect his sister and Layla and they descended back to the ground and made their way until they found a crossroad.

At the crossroads the Scions saw two worn cobble paths and next to the crossroad was a tree with a noose hanging from it. Moshei and Wile tended to Layla and Aggro’s sister as they had sustained new wounds. The hyenas appeared and sat at the edge of the shield Moshei had erected and started to laugh at the Scions hiding within its border. This set the Greek Scions on edge as they felt they were being insulted but it affected Eric the worse as he lost control at his perceived cowardice and flew off in a berserker fury. As he did so the bear helm took control and changed Eric into a giant bear.

Tyrone started to charge towards the hyenas as he saw Eric making a move towards them. Eric charged at the hyenas and ripped two of them apart in one blow. The hyenas sprinted away at high speed away from Eric. Aggro threw Asbo as a projectile at the treating Hyenas and killed two of them outright. The Einherjar seeing Eric as the bear quickly retreated away knowing what might happen. Tyrone seeing that the enemy had fled sheathed his swords and started to walk back towards Chen. Eric was caught in a berserker rage turned on the nearest target which was Tyrone and he tried to bite off his head only managing to bite down heavily on Tyrone’s neck. Tyrone reacted by lashing out at Eric removing the lower jaw of the bear aspect and then took off high into the sky as boosters extended from his armour. Chen and Wile had come to the edge of the boundary and Chen made for Haemus as did Moshei. Eric tried to go for Wile but couldn’t get through the shield. Tyrone started to take aim at Eric and Moshei helped Tyrone by given him a boost. Everyone inside the shield got on Haemus and Haemus took off at speed dodging Eric so he wasn’t dragged along with the shield. As he past Wile gave Eric a boost as he saw Tyrone taking aim at Eric. Aggro had dispatched another Hyena and came back and launched Eric up into the air, which ruined Tyrone’s aim. Tyrone and Haemus and his passenger ended up fleeing the scene in the time it would take Eric to fall and then regrouped at Tyrone’s base. Eric fell back to the ground and Aggro launched him into the air again and managed to avoid a wild swipe from Eric and they managed to calm Eric down and they regrouped at Tyrone’s base, in the gutted hull of an ancient ship.

At Tyrone’s base Moshei managed to secure the book he was looking for(Aristotle's Mechanica) and Tyrone told them that Eric was a loose cannon and that he was going to take care of him soon enough. Aggro and Eric arrived but Eric was stopped by an invisible shield and in his anger lashed out at it breaking the shield Moshei had been sustaining. As an agreement had been reached by Tyrone and Moshei everyone decided that it was time to get out of Guinea and they went back to the crossroad. Moshei then hung himself from the noose and saw a man with a silver tipped cane and a void opened up in the ground and the view was of a back alley and the Scions went through.

The Scions found themselves in a back alley and could hear the sounds of a riot in progress. Tyrone and Moshei went off so Moshei could get the book he was after. The other Scions decided to try and find a hotel with a helipad for them to stay at. Eric and Aggro looked at their phones and Aggro found that 5 days had passed while they were in Guinea and Eric found they were in Detroit. Aggro and Wile took to the sky on their animals and were fired at by Helicopter gunships but outran them to the hotel. Chen and Eric travelled through the streets of Detroit and Chen passed through the riot unmolested and Eric involved himself by stopping the police using excessive force and they met up at the hotel and Moshei arrived a bit later.

The Scions had booked their rooms. Eric and the Einherjar went up to their room to get themselves cleaned up. Aggro stood in the foyer looking bemused as Moshei sat down and stared at the TV screen which was answering the questions he was asking in ancient Egyptian. Moshei got the information that the problems were related to the new text he was looking for and that it was important, he checked a computer upstairs and managed to narrow down the area of the search because of the riots. Chen and Wile went and talked to the medic that had been stationed in the hotel and made him feel better, finding that the victims he had treated had begun speaking in a Hebrew-esque dialect before suffering seizures. Then everyone meet upstairs in the penthouse that Aggro had ordered and ordered room service so they could have a meal together and Eric had bought the Einherjar a vast amount of alcohol and left them at the bar.

As the Scions sat down for a meal Eric said that he wanted to go to New Orleans as he had stuff he wanted to take care of and that he wasn’t wanting to go looking for some book as he didn’t care what was happening to Detroit as it wasn’t his city. Moshei was determined to go after the book he was looking for and dragging the other Scions with him but Aggro said that wasn’t going to happen. Wile wanted to make sure that Echo was ok and Eric made a phone call and found that Echo was with his police officers Eric had a feeling he should get back to New Orleans quickly to try and restore discipline in his officers. Wile told Chen about the civil war that was raging on between the Greeks and what sides the majority of the Gods had chosen and the other issues that had arisen from it and Eric said that it had most likely spilled over to affect the Loa and Aesir. Wile consulted the fates and found that the one that had corrupted the Pride was a Scion of Dionysus, named Danny Susskind.

Eric said his loyalties were split and that he would rather go to New Orleans and leave Detroit to its fate. Aggro said that there was a lot of good they could do in Detroit but the only way that it could be resolved would be put it to a vote. Moshei asked another question of the fates and found the number of titan spawn present in Detroit (seventy-two) and the name of the person behind the riot (Malachai).