• The President today announced the appointment of Col. Michael Bartley as Commander of Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. Col. Bartley replaces James Mackenzie in the position, although the new commander refused to comment on the reasons for his predecessors dismissal, instead setting forth a comprehensive plan for the restructuring of the Air Base over the next five years. Bartley who has flown combat missions in three of the six operational units he has served in, said he knows what it takes for successful operations, and is ready to work extremely hard in the post.

• Prime Minister Erdoğan today announced a precautionary evacuation of inhabitants in the Euphrates valley after the terrorist attack on the Ataturk Dam at 12:01 am last night. Turkish fascist group, the Grey Wolves has claimed responsibility for the attack which fractured the dam at several key stress points.

• An expected third exhibition by the Journalistes De Mort was postponed from its scheduled showing in the Louvre today, as a result of “unforeseen technical difficulties.”

• The crew of the Cetea are scheduled to attend a reception at the White House later today, to be followed by a screening of some of the footage on their fantastic voyage.

• Hello magazine posted some snaps of "poker champ and jetsetter," Daniel Blake on holiday in Athens with three unidentified companions.

• Concern was today growing for Scot’s model, Gael Hannis, whose yacht was found drifting unmanned in the Firth of Forth in the early hours of this morning. So far, rescue servicers have found no sign of Mr. Hannis.