17th January 2009

The Scions having obtained the aid of the Masks of Odin against the scavenger spirit and the plan was made for the masks to be used as bait so the Scions would be able to get the jump on the spirit. Using the man they had met previously they tunnelled their way through the earth towards the cave the spirit was in. The man was struggling yet again and suddenly the wall gave way and Chen was caught by the Earth and dragged away at high speed. The Scions planned to get Chen later after they had saved Moshei and HR from the spirit.

The Scions arrived in the cave and brought the Masks forward and offered them to the spirit in exchange for Moshei and HR. A fog sprang up round HR and started slowly to move him towards the cave entrance. The Masks were made to stand at one side away from the Scions and small creatures sprang up around them penning them in. Moshei was given back to the Scions and was awake and could see the surroundings and couldn't remember much about his imprisonment. The moment came and Aggro reduced the sounds round the spirit and learnt that the creature was weak against fire and sunlight and shouted it out. Battle against the spirit was joined.

Eric made the first move quickly charging at the creature trying to knock it off balance but was unable to hit the creature and felt a twinge as something tried to stop him taking offensive actions, but he missed the spirit as it turned at the last minute. The spirit turned round and smacked Eric sending him sliding back. The Masks took care of the little creatures that were keeping them penned in. Brunet tried to grab the spirit but was unable to maintain a hold on it as it wiggled free from his grasp. Aggro started to mediate on the ram and Moshei erected a barrier to protect people from the spirit. The Masks ran off into the tunnel and the Scions took care of the spirit with Aggro sundering the creature in half and then using the top half Eric threw towards him smashed it against the legs that Brunet was holding. The Scions then ran to the tunnel with Aggro bringing up the rear and he saw the spirit slowly pulling itself back together. In the tunnel Eric saw the Masks battling with Segun and decapitated the monster which caused the mist to disappear and Segun and HR disappeared. Sigmund and Brunet kept swinging at something the others couldn't see and then the Scions left quickly towards the surface.

On the surface the Scions made their way back to the hotel considering it a time to celebrate as they had gotten HR and Moshei back and the parting commenced. Eric spent time with the EInherjar and Sigmund enjoying some drinking games. Aggro spent time with his sister and HR with Brunet relaying what HR was saying and then Brunet turned round and HR was gone. A panic was raised and Brunet said he could summon HR ghosts back if he had a personnel item of HR's and Entan provided a signed CD. Brunet secured a private function room and tired to summon HR's ghost and instead a man appeared telling him that HR ghost had been taken as a prisoner of war by the Legion of the Dog as the Scions had sided with the Masks.

Brunet broke the news to the Scions and they made plans to leave as Moshei said there would be a way to get HR's ghost back but he would have to spent time in Cambridge studying a manuscript that would help. Aggro went looking for Chen in the desert for Chen but was unable to find him and then had a vision he would meet him again in London and the scions planned their journey to England.