16th August 2009

The scions were milling about in the alley that Corvin had been imprisoned in and had just been released. Aggro said that the next day they should make an effort to find a way to compensate the police force for the men that had lost their lives on the raid on doctor Levy’s house. Aggro then said that the two Norse should get some rest and that he would go and visit the patients of the doctor who were being used in the Bolahale treatment. With that he left for his first address. Aggro went and checked on the patients and got them to reconcile their dispute with the loved ones that they had beaten up under the influence of Bolahale. Eric and Corvin returned to their hotel where Eric went straight to sleep and Corvin stayed up for a while.

In one of his visits to the patients Aggro saw that one of them had a Serendipity auction catalogue with a few items circled, one of them was an African "tribal mask" and the other appeared to be a stringed musical instrument. Aggro continued his visits until midnight when he decided to call it for a day and continue tomorrow.

The next day Aggro continued his visits to the patients and was able to find all but two of them. The one that stood out for him was when he visited a woman called Shannon Williams who rather than being the one who attacked their loved one was the one who was attacked by her ex-boyfriend. Aggro got the address of the Ex whose name was Lance Becker and he paid him a visit. Aggro got to the address and found the man who appeared to be drugged and living in squalor. Aggro made sure the man understood not to go near Shannon again and was given a description of the doctor that had prescribed him drugs and that he looked like an evil version of Santa. Aggro asked for the address but Lance didn’t know it and said that Aggro could look around for as it was somewhere in the mess but Aggro wasn’t able to find it. Aggro phoned Eric and told him of the man and gave him the address and asked if he could investigate for him. Aggro also asked Eric if he would be able to get any information on the two patients he was missing and give him details. After his conversation with Eric Aggro went round the different precincts trying to get as many captains of the police force to come to his gig that night so they could give their seal of approval before hosting the police benefit gig the next night at Madison Square Garden’s.

Eric spent the day by visiting the police station where the unnamed Scion might be stationed and caught a bit of luck as he was stationed in the 22nd precinct and got the on duty Sgt to phone him in. Eric had a talk with the man and found that his name was Max and that he was only a police officer in rank. They went to a nearby coffee shop and talked about how to make donations to the police benefit fund. Eric said that if Max needed to he was able to contact Eric if anymore weird and wonderful stuff came up and that Eric would offer him advice as best he could. Eric then asked what Max thought of a crossover of training between New Orleans and the NYPD and Max said he liked the sound of it and Eric got the details of his Captain so he could talk to him. Eric went back to the police station and asked to see the Captain but was told that he could have an appointment after lunch and Eric agreed. Eric then wondered off towards the 5th precinct benefit office and made a phone call to the benefit head office and enquired about Aggro’s benefit gig. Eric received a phone call from Aggro and told him about the setup up from the charity’s point of view and that he had talked to the Greek Scion again and had gotten contact details for him as well.

Eric then followed Aggro’s request and made a detour to Lance Becker apartment. When Eric arrived he found a condemned notice on the door and when he entered the apartment he saw the place had been thoroughly cleaned and smelled of bleach and industrial cleaner. Eric phoned Aggro and told him and that he was unable to find anything in the flat. Eric then texted Corvin and asked him if he could search for Lance Becker. Eric then searched the apartment and saw at the window a group of starlings sitting on the phone line outside that were watching him as he walked back and forth across the window and flew away as he stopped and looked at them. Eric then continued on his route to the 5th precinct benefit office. At the benefit office Eric made a donation to them of $10000 for the police officers that had lost their lives in the raid on the home of doctor Levy.

Eric then went back to the 22nd precinct to talk to the Captain in charge. He talked to him about a cross training program between the police of New Orleans and the NYPD and that while he was in New York he was willing to offer training to volunteers and they set the little at 100 for 3 hours a day during the time he was in New York. The two shook hands and then Eric left to inform the Einherjar what they would be doing over the next few days.

Corvin went to the office of the auctioneers that Doctor Levy had purchased his strand of hair that had allowed him to summon Bolahale. He talked to the receptionist who asked if he wanted to go the private viewing. Corvin messed with the computer so that it looked as if his credit rating checked out. He gave a false name to the receptionist and asked if two guests would be able to be added and gave the names of Eric and Aggro. He then left thinking that he had to get himself some money. Corvin then went into Central Park and played some guitar that afternoon to set himself up for a gig later on that day. He contacted the organiser of event and booked a stage in central park under the name of Ravenstorm and got some backing musicians. He played death metal with the songs being prayers to Odin and veneration of the All-father. During the gig he saw a 7ft tall man in the crowd that stood with his hands clasped during the prayers to Odin. He then took the gig onto the street and had the people arranged into a rune shape dedicated to Odin throughout the streets of New York.

Aggro held his little gig that night that Eric attended. Aggro had toned down his gig that evening since the police Captains were going to be in attendance and he didn’t do his normal walking though fire or flying over the stage. A group of people at the front of the stage showed up in golfing attire. Aggro had changed the music slightly so that it was more fitting to the police but didn’t detract from what the fans wanted to hear. After the gig the police Captains congratulated Aggro on the gig and gave him their seal of approval. Aggro signed various pieces of Golf equipment that fans had brought along and then retired for the night with a smaller group of groupies than normal.

At Aggro’s gig Eric was approached by a man standing over 7ft tall wearing several rings on his left hand. The man introduced himself as Sigmund and said that he wanted to talk to Eric about the return of stolen property. Eric panicked at the mention of the name and the return of stolen property. Sigmund said he would talk to Eric later tonight as he had another gig to attend to that night and he left and Eric went back to enjoying the gig.

After the gig Eric went to find Sigmund and tracked his trail to central park. The two talked for a bit and then went back to Eric’s hotel room. Sigmund asked Eric to leave the room before he started to do whatever he was going to do. Eric said he wasn’t going to leave until it was finished. Sigmund laid his hand on Haskuldr’s body and began chanting and took no notice of anything going on around him. The chanting went on for the majority of the night and at the end the last few words were about the blood debt being repaid and a red mist flowed into the rings on his hand. Haskuldr then woke up and said Commander. Eric then said thank you and shook Sigmund’s hand. Sigmund then asked Eric for a favour as the masks were willing to broker a truce as then were tired of being hunted and Eric said he would try his best. Sigmund left and Eric took Haskuldr across the hall to the see the other Einherjar and they had a party.

The next day rolled round and the Scions went about their business for the day. Corvin went to a nearby recording studio to make some cd’s to sell at his next gig which was happening that night and didn’t have any contact with the other scions that day. Corvin then held his gig again in the same location and saw the 7ft man again alongside another man who looked out of place as he was very well dressed for a death metal gig. Corvin then went into the streets again forming the followers into runes of stability and retired for the night.

Eric spent the day training police officers for the NYPD with the help of the Einherjar. Eric met Max early in the morning and gave him the names of the two missing patients to see if he would be able to track them down for him. Eric then spent the evening attending Aggro’s gig at Madison Square Garden’s. Eric got the information that Sharon Curcio was being kept in a mental hospital and he would have to wait to tell Aggro.

Aggro spent the day chilling out and making preparations for his gig at night. His gig was the normal big style gig that Aggro normally put on. Aggro made Pink Floyds stunt look small in comparison. Aggro walked through fire. He had positioned Asbo under a tarpaulin with his body armour activated and was unleashed during the gig and Aggro mounted Asbo as he had a drum kit attached to him. Aggro played the drums while on top of Asbo and at the end of the gig when the lights went out Aggro sped off on top of Aggro as a stunt. At the end of the gig Aggro gathered a large group of groupies to have an orgy.

The next day Eric texted Aggro and Corvin about the masks and that they should meet up and talk about it. Aggro said that he didn’t want to deal with it as it wasn’t his problem. Corvin decided to meet up with Eric and Eric said that they needed to contact their fathers and inform them of it and Corvin agreed. Corvin went off to an abandoned warehouse and played his guitar layering the riffs upon one another as they were prayers to Odin. There was a man waiting as Corvin played and Corvin stopped his playing and the man spoke to him. Corvin told him that the masks wanted a truce and that he suspected that Garm was the one hunting them and the man said that they were aware of what was happening and they would adjust.

Eric decided to go into a gang crime riddled area of New York and found himself someone who was in the middle of the gang hierarchy. He made the man confess to his crimes and got him to turn himself in and plead guilty when he came to court. Once the gang member left Eric heard the sound of booted feet crunching behind him. He turned round to see his father standing there. Eric told his father that the masks wanted to broker a truce and was told that his father was going to track them down eventually. Eric then asked his father if he would be able to help get a weapon that he had asked Snorri to make for him that Thor wasn’t allowing him to give it away. Tyr said that he would negotiate on Eric behalf as the improper requisition weapons during times of war would not be tolerated. Tyr then said that it was time to check Eric’s progress and that he had 5 seconds to reach the end of the alley. Eric ran it to the end of the alley and ducked round the corner and heard the bullet zip by. Eric put his head round the corner and saw that Tyr wasn’t there anymore.

Aggro went to the hospital that Sharon Curcio was being kept in. He charmed his way past the receptionist and went down into the basement to the maximum security area. He heard a strange chanting as he went down the corridor to the room she was being kept in. When he got to her room he saw that the door was open and that there was an orderly tied up on the floor. As Aggro helped the orderly he se saw that the man’s eyes had rolled into the back of his head and screamed when Aggro removed his gag. Aggro saw something moving quickly out of the room and Aggro gave chase through the streets of New York and followed it to an apartment where he was able to catch the creature which was an invisible fire person. He texted Eric and Eric contacted Corvin to come to the apartment. While Aggro was waiting he tested to see what cold water would do to the creature and ran a bath. He flicked some cold water on the creature which evaporated instantly. He then put a toe into the water and the creature sounded if it was screaming in pain.

When Eric and Corvin arrived they couldn’t understand what the creature was saying. The creature shuddered violently in Aggro’s hand and a large blast of heat spread out from it engulfing the whole apartment. Corvin quickly dived in the bath of cold water to try and escape the worst of the heat. Aggro quickly the creature by the throat and went straight into the air. As he got higher into the air the creature stopped glowing and then eventually became visible when there was a lack of oxygen. Aggro saw that there was blood on his hand and he his hands so he was grabbing their arms. When she was visible and no longer glowing he descended back down to Earth and took her to a hospital. He gave her a notepad and pen and got her to write down what she was trying to say. She wrote down “First they come for your brothers, then they come for your sisters and then they come for you.” Aggro asked if she meant his sister and she wrote the name Ngala.

At the apartment Eric put out the fires and he and Corvin went back to the hotel to get changed into a set of clothes and re-equip as their clothes and hardware had been burned and melted. Once Eric had been dressed he went and trained the police officers again with the help of the Einherjar. When he left the training ground Sigmund was standing their waiting for him and asked the verdict was and Eric told him that the Aesir were not willing to make a truce. Eric said that they should try the Greeks as they were having a current bout of democracy and that they might be offered sanctuary with them. Sigmund then said thank you to Eric. The masks said thank you to Eric and said that they will regroup and then they will take out Garm when they were strong enough. He also said that maybe next time Haskuldr wouldn’t be so willing next time to gain power. With that Sigmund left in a car with 4 other people and drove off. Eric then went back to the hotel and saw Aggro waiting at his door.

Aggro told Eric what had happened with the woman and asked him if the name Ngala meant anything and Eric told him that it was a Scion of Ogoun and that Theodore would know more. Eric phoned Theodore and got that the number was no longer in service. Aggro said they had would have to leave for San Francisco earlier than they were planning. Eric said they should text Corvin and let him know what the plan was and Eric arranged for a late night training session with the police officers as one more session was all they needed to be made into an effective fighting force.

Corvin was busy getting ready for his private visit to the auction house before the public auction began.