In-game date 19-22/6/07

Blood At The Bullring

Police today appealed for witnesses to events at the Tijuana bullring last night which left two men dead and two more seriously injured. Police believe the incident may have been linked to an earlier break in at a house in Lomas Taurinas, as the house’s owner, Gloria Réyes was treated by paramedics outside the bullring. Police have confirmed that they have several active leads to pursue, and the investigation continues.

Aces Wild

MGM Mirage today announced that the next round of their wildcard series poker tournament sponsored by Piper-Heidseck and Southern Comfort, would be held in New Orleans in The Columns Hotel. As with the previous games in New York, San Francisco and Chicago, anyone is eligible to enter, provided they are of legal gambling age, and the winner will gain a VIP Wild Card ticket to a seat at the championships in Las Vegas in July.

New Expedition

Greenpeace today announced that it will be sending a new expedition within the next few months to the Severnaya Zemlya Arctic base to investigate a shift in glacial positions in the area, potentially attributable to global warming.

Red Death in Chicago

The FBI today released footage of the successful conclusion of a recent investigation into what is has termed a “pernicious new cult” centred around the increasingly popular street drug “Red Death.” According to unconfirmed sources the drug is believed to have been disseminated fully throughout the central and western areas of the United States despite the best efforts of the administration, with confirmed instances of usage in San Diego, San Francisco, Kansas City, Cincinnati and New York.