14th March 2010

Moshei had spent his time in Cambridge using secondary sources trying to uncover the information required to travel to Duat and protect the other scions as well. Moshei then started on his long trek back to London having been delayed so many times by traffic accidents and delays on the trains. Moshei in Cambridge felt a wash of power over him on the day of Aggro's gig and heard people speaking the truth and confessing their deepest secrets. Moshei tried to phone Eric and Aggro and got no response and eventually got back to the hotel.

At the hotel Moshei talked to Haskuldr who told him that Eric and Aggro were currently engaged and gave him the number to contact Brunet. Brunet told Moshei that he would was currently busy trying to promote the Frog Chorus and gave him a scrambled version of what had happened since Moshei had been gone.

Aggro finished with his activities and went downstaris and met Moshei and they talked about Victoria Harper and the book and if they were able to track her down and Moshei said he could. The team was then assembled to go and visit Victoria.

The Scions went to Victoria's flat and the door was answered by an elderly woman who ushered them in. The Scions sat down and Aggro investigated the kitchen to find a piece of papyrus buring in the toaster and Aggro lost his temper and threw the toaster through the wall and the woman said she wanted to come along with the Scions to Duat as she had an old friend to visit.

The Scions then collected their gear and set off for Bath as it was a suitable site to conduct the ritual Moshei was going to do to take them to Duat. On the way there the Scions encountered a strange sight as a car was stopped in the middle of the road and 2 cars had crashed into it. A mummy was trying yo claw its way out of the car that had been mpacted into and a strange sigil was under it. Aggro cleared the road and disposed of the mummy. As the traffic started moving again 2 more cars passed through the sigil and suddenly stopped and 2 mummies pulled themselves out of the cars and advanced towards Brunet. Moshei broke the sigil which he identified one that was used by the Scions on Anubis to summon something. Brunet took care of one of the zombies and Aggro the other and Eric and Aggro managed to convince the ambulance crew to take the bodies away and burn them. The Scions then continued onto Bath.

In Bath the Scions then set about their preparations to go on their quest into Duat to save HR. They then went to the place and conducted the ritual and found themselves under a different night sky and Moshei led the way.

The Scions first encoutered a room with a dias with a set of scales set upon it and could see mirror images od themselves approaching from the other side. A woman then appeared and set them a test which was to weigh the amulet Moshei had made on the scales against a feather.

Moshei went first and the scales balanced. Aggro was next and the feather was heavier than the amulet. Brunet went after and after a brief second of the amulet being heavier than the scales it balanced. Eric let Victoria go next and she placed the amulet on the scales and the scales broke. The woman then stepped round towards Victoria and slowly started to change into a large snake. Eric blocked Victoria's line of retreat and the snake woman grabbed her, bit her and then threw her out of the wall. The Scions were then allowed to proceed since Eric and the Einherjar couldnt take the test.

The Scions then trudged through the desert and found out that they had 12 gates to pass before they reached the end and that they would be tested on their moral value between each one. On their journey they started to see that the amulets were starting to crack and corrode. Eventually the amulets on Eric, the Einherjar and Brunet broke and the winds of the Desert started to blsat the skin from their bones.

The Scions endured their trials and eventually got to the 8th gate where they were reunited with loved ones that had passed and Moshei met his father. Brunet saw his mother, Eric his mother but HR was missing. Moshei talked to his father while Brunet watched his mother whisper to people and send them off into the desert to be blasted away by the sands. Brunet tried to talk to his mother but only said hello before having to stop himself walking into the desert. Moshei gave his amulet to his father and the Scions advanced towards the 9th gate and were hit by a wall of sound which threaten to shatter their bones but they all managed to flow with the blow.