• Concerns were raised today over the growing problems of childhood obesity after research in London revealed a spike in the mortality rate of clinically obese children. The research sponsors, the Endocrine Society, have demanded urgent, targeted action.
  • New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin today announced the next step in the city's continuing rejuvenation with the construction of what he termed, “A synergy centre for the community.” Likening the concept to the spokes of a wheel, and with just as much utility, Nagin described how a central hub for the city, linked to nodes in each district of New Orleans was being established in order to provide citizens with instant access to governmental facilities, emergency services, healthcare and educational resources, as well as free communication between any of a number of sub-nodes, or “weblets” which will soon be incorporated into outstanding phone facilities. It is understood that AT&T has begun initial lawsuit considerations against the city of New Orleans.
  • There is concern today for the inhabitants of Lincoln County, Nevada, after US orbital satellites picked up massive energy output from the area. With the area’s proximity to the Yucca Mountain nuclear storage facility, there are fears that whatever has occurred may adversely impact the security of the residents. More as we receive it.
  • The US bathyscape Cetea returned news of another batch of exciting discoveries from its voyage in the Thalassian Trench. Catalouging a number of heretofore unseen species of coral and deep-sea fish, the crew have also managed to catch tantalising glimpses of larger creatures in the trenches depths. The bathyscapes Deep Sea Operative is scheduled to go on a two man "walkabout" with technician Gino Papuli in the next few days.