13th September 2009

Chen woke up in the midst of the rubble of the tower in San Francisco. He saw a man in a white suit pick himself and dust himself down. The man swore and then left the building and Chen made good his escape, Chen also saw the fates and they showed him a vision of Spartans in silver armour fighting. Chen then went to his warehouse and found that the building was in disarray. The van he had acquired earlier in the day was missing and that one of the windows was smashed in. He saw on the other windows that the words, brother, sister and you were written in frost. Chen tried to clear the frost off the window but it wouldn’t budge. Chen then decided to burn the warehouse down. Chen phoned Aggro and arranged to meet up with the Scions in New Orleans and told Aggro that he saw a man wearing a cheap white suit leave the tower.

Chen then made haste to New Orleans. In New Orleans Chen set himself up with a new warehouse and Aggro collected him and brought him to the safe house in the Bayou. On the way to the house the temperature dropped greatly round the scions in their flight and they stopped to listen to the words on the wind as Chen heard “The Baron says” after he had seen on the inside of his glasses the words listen idiots. Aggro then tried to listen for words and heard “The way is closed.”

In the safe house something went wrong with Seraphim and her hair suddenly turned grey and the temperature dropped as well. Eric went to talk to Seraphim. Wile used his magic to try and see if he could see any ghosts in the area but could only see the fate strands that were connecting the groups of people. Aggro and Chen came inside the house and Seraphim starting talking in French as she grabbed Eric’s stump. She said that if the Scions were thinking of going to Guinea they were going to have to fight their way through.

The two lion women came into the main room and saw Chen and quickly left the building and Eric barked an order at the Einherjar for them to follow them, but the Einherjar lost them. Cusco went through to the back door and brought back through his man that had been knocked out and said that his generosity was getting costly and the Scions decided to leave and go talk about what there next stage of the plan was.

In the van the Scions talked about how they were going to get to Guinea. Eric but forward the suggestion that since he had been to Guinea beforehand he knew at least 2 routes that would get them there. Eric said the ways he knew where to go into the cemetery where Theodore had set up and they could go through one of the coffins into Guinea, the other way was to drop down in the Atlantic Ocean to get to Guinea. Wile was trying to make the point that it most likely wouldn’t work as it didn’t seem to be a connection to Guinea. Wile then asked the fates what was the closest place to get to Guinea and after many questions narrowed it down to the NW quarter of New Orleans. The Scions set off for that area. Eric got a radio call from Haskuldr saying that they lost the women in the forest and Eric said for them to regroup.

The Scions got into what they thought was the North West and Wile checked his phone to check the sewer system maps for the area, Wile eventually narrowed it down to 3 storm drains that were next to cemeteries. Wile decided to direct the Scions to the nearest one which Eric managed to get them access to even though the system was being flushed. The Scions descended into the cathedral sized sewer system when Aggro realised he had forgotten the rum that they were asked to bring and he went to the nearest store and bought 2 ice cooler full of rum to bring with them.

Once Aggro was back in the sewer system the Scions asked which way they were meant to be going now or if they were just to wait until the water flushed through the system. Wile used his magic to see round the area and saw that the Scions were standing in the middle of a large Veve of Erzulie as well as several symbols of multiplication and change. Wile said that they had come in the wrong place. The Scions heard the sound of chittering and noises coming from all around them. Wile quickly consulted the fates about which way to go by asking them to draw him a map and he got an arrow pointing him towards a sluice gate. The Scions quickly made their way to it and Aggro opened the gate which had broken and the Scions quickly filed down the pipes with Eric guarding the rear. The daughters of Erzulie started to make their way towards the Scions but were didn’t want to get close because of Eric. The Scions went through a series of pipes they eventually found themselves in a deep pool.

Aggro was hovering over the water of the pool while everyone else was in the water. Eric saw something brush past his leg and it was covered in scales. A head which was 4 foot wide sprang out of the water and tried to bite Aggro. Aggro tried to throw the creature by hooking the creature by the nostril but it didn’t budge. Eric dived under the water to try and get the creature and could see nothing but neck and a mass of coils and saw two more heads racing towards the surface. Aggro bitch slapped the creature. Eric grabbed hold of the creature and tried to make it move but couldn’t get it to budge. Aggro then backhanded the creature saying “Down Boy and mind the Rum.” The creature stopped it struggle and didn’t do anything to the Scions. Wile talked to the creature and manage to convinced it to give everyone passage to Guinea. The creature took everyone and there was a rush of water and Wile was severely battered by the rushing water.

The Scions ended up in the vast expanse that looked like the road to Guinea that Eric had been on before and the only landmark that was visible was a tree in the area in which they were deposited. The Scions then started in a direction with Aggro, Eric, Haskuldr and Styrbiorn on Asbo. Wile, Chen, Alfarin, Eldgrim and Ulfied were travelling on Haemus. Aggro and Eric were the first to see that in the distance was a battle going on between a silver army fighting against a group of were hyena’s and a large explosion erupted in the were hyena lines. The Scions creatures closed the distance and saw that the lines opened up and they saw Tyrone.

Chen saw in the distance 2 women fighting a group of were hyenas. Wile had the sudden compulsion to try and help Tyrone in his fight. Aggro continued on until he realised that they were not being followed by Haemus. Aggro turned round and managed to convince Wile to follow him as Aggro wanted to help the two women as he the Greek army had no reason to be there and could manage on their own. The Scions arrived at the fight to see the 2 women fighting and they were each being surrounded by the creatures.

The women were desperately trying to fight off the creatures when the Scions joined the fray. Eric jumped down to help Aggro’s sister in her fight. He gave an inspiring speech to everyone. Eric held up Guthbrandr to the sky and spoke in his commanding voice “Show your swords and strike them down. By the swords in our hands we shall decimate and decapitate those that stand against us. Battle shall be won this day. To victory and glory!”

Aggro went to help his sister and meditated on the strength of the ram. He grabbed two of the creatures and flung them as far as he could from the battle, Asbo tried to gore the one of the creatures The Einherjar leapt down to help Layla and pinned one of the creatures to the ground as Haskuldr drove his sword into the creature’s throat. Chen joined the fray to help Layla and smacked one of the creatures breaking its jaw. Eric started towards the fray taking on the aspect of a Norse Berserker to frighten and intimidate his enemies. Wile dropped down from Haemus and tried to lay a hand on Aggro’s sister to heal her but she didn’t want to be touched by the strange Greek man. Haemus changed from his peacock form into his human form. The hyenas attacked killing 4 of the Einherjar outright and one scored another hit on Layla ripping her arm off. One of them attacked Asbo and didn’t manage to harm the ram. One of the creatures tried to attack Aggro’s sister but was given a smack in return for trying to leap at her by Wile.

Wile laid hands on the one that leapt over Aggro’s sister killing it outright as Haemus brought his sword down on it. Eric seeing the sight of his men slaughtered landed in amongst the 4 that had killed his men and killed two of the creatures outright and managed to keep control of the bear spirit taking over. Haskuldr slit the throat of the one that was pinned and rolled so he was back to back with Eric. Aggro’s sister attacked the one that had attacked Asbo and killed it. Eric killed the last two that had attacked his Einherjar severing their heads and lodging Guthbrandr in the head of the last one and still kept control of the bear spirit trying to take over. The hyena tried to make a run for it but Aggro put a stop to it retreating taking out its hind legs killing it outright.

The fight was over and everyone was licking their wounds. Wile saw to Layla and managed to stop her from dying. Aggro talked to his sister and he asked her why the Greeks were in Guinea but she didn’t have an answer for him. They were then set on going to battle to fight the other hyena’s with the Greeks and Eric said he and the Einherjar were going to run to the battle as Eric had revived them.