11 October 2009

Moshei had to suddenly leave as someone he had worked with had died and he needed to sort out paper work and leave Aggro, Eric and Wile to continue to the restaurant to have a talk. At the restaurant food was eaten and nothing untoward happened to any on the Scions. Aggro and Eric talked to Wile about his actions concerning his attack on Moshei and the Golem and it came to heads that Wile would not compromise the situation with Artemdorus if it was vitally important to his side and was ejected from the group by Aggro and Eric. Eric got Wile to phone Echo and tell her to leave New Orleans as Eric was withdrawing his protection from her and with that Wile left.

Aggro and Eric had to blow off some steam as someone they trusted had just ditched them. Aggro decided that he should punish those that were involved in domestic disturbances and got the abuser to admit all their failings to their partner so the balance of power was shifted. Eric went off out into the street and started rounding up all those that had committed crimes and judging them all on mass and got the Einherjar to help him later on in the night. Eric and Aggro crossed paths in their efforts and gave each other a bit of a pep talk to lift their spirits up. Aggro then collected Chen, his sister and Layla and flew on Asbo to New Orleans and Eric travelled later on by plane.

Eric phoned Angela and got information that the Norse were trying to prevent a sundering from happening again but that it looked as if they were going to fail. He also found out that his father was currently unavailable as he was dealing with problems but Angela was going to deliver a message to him about the Greeks sending troops to them, and suggested that they should use them as cannon fodder. He also got information that Odin’s children were slowly going to start dying off and that there was something to do with swords and Eric informed her about Tyrfing.

Aggro went to the mausoleum that was pointed out to be Theodore’s ground last time he was in New Orleans and left Chen in there and found out that the vampire’s had been attacking Luis men. Aggro and Eric met for lunch in New Orleans and discussed what their next move should be and made a plan to spend a couple of days in New Orleans so Aggro could play a gig to make himself feel better and have a relaxing time so Aggro was going to organise that and Eric had plans to deal with stuff he wanted to do. They made their plan to travel to New York afterwards, to London and then onto Zimbabwe to resolve the issues there and to deal with Serun as well.

So the Scions decided to go their separate ways for the time being. Aggro went off and organised his gig having been told the places that he wanted from Eric and went off to talk to the zombies to gain permission for playing in Theodore’s area. When he saw the zombies he found that they were falling apart and looked in much worse condition than they had done. He got permission from the zombies who also gave him information on finding places for specialised effects. Aggro then went and got flyers printed off and flew over the city and dropped the flyers all over the North side of the city and that he got permission from the city to do so. He wrote on the back of several of the flyers backstage pass.

Eric went off to the police station and got together his SWAT officers and then interrogated each one of them to see if Echo had managed to influence them in any way, but found no sign or corruption so arranged a night out for all his officers that night. He sent a text to Aggro inviting him out for the night and also told him that the Norse are trying to stop a sundering happening and that the children of Odin were going to start dying. He then went off and looked at case files and made notes and then went to interview the police officers that were on his dirty cop list but they had either filed for early retirement or had stopped their underhanded dealing through fear of Eric.

The night rolled round and the Scions and Eric’s followers went and enjoyed themselves for the night in the French quarter. Aggro invented a new sport called street golf were people would nominate a target and people would have to try and hit it and Eric decided to make it more difficult by throwing shot glasses for Aggro to sink the ball into. Aggro was they distracted by a very attractive man who walked out in front of him and he lost his focus for a while until he snapped back to reality.

The man was Tsuninaga and had just arrived in New Orleans that day as he had been directed there by his guide. He noticed that there was some liquid that had bubbled out of the sewer which appeared to him as liquidised corpse. He then wanted to go explore the sewers but couldn’t as he couldn’t act without the proper authority. So went about wandering the streets and saw a golf ball land in a shot glass and went towards the source.

The man awkwardly introduced himself to Eric and Aggro and had noticed vampires clawing about the roof tops and tried to make Aggro and Eric realise and they told him they were having a night off. Aggro and Eric finished their round of street golf before talking to the vampires. Eric went into a bar with the Einherjar and starting playing a Norse drinking game and Aggro went and spoke to the vampires with Tsuninaga waiting out of the way.

Aggro found out that the vampires were trying to remove influences in New Orleans that were not meant to be present. He invited them to his gig the next night and then leapt back off the roof and invited Tsuninaga to his gig and went and joined Eric. Tsuninaga went and built ground penetrating radar throughout the night and the next day spent the time going through the streets of New Orleans with his device and came across a large heat source in Louis Armstrong Park and then attended the gig that night.

Eric spent the day in the police station training his officers and doing paperwork. Aggro spent the day enjoying himself and holed in one an entire gold course and arranged the finishing touches for his gig that night.

The gig came round and was a smash hit with the cemetery filled to capacity and spilling out onto the street. The gig went off without a hitch and was one of the best yet that Aggro had held, and Legba, Kalfu and a couple of daughters of Erzuile were there with an unseen figure. It wasn’t until the after party that something happened.

All the scions present heard a rustling coming from inside the mausoleum that was Theodore’s and Aggro went and investigated the noise. He opened the door and found that there was a large growth of vines covering the coffin that Chen had been placed in. Aggro checked Chen over and found that his fever had been broken. The guards put in a call to Cusco and Aggro put in a call to Layla and they arrived quickly to inspect the vines and Layla laid hands on Chen and vines started to intertwine through her hair and quickly withdrew her hand and asked to be left along with the Marissa and Eric closed the door to give her privacy as Aggro went to over to Asbo.

Aggro held up his club and tapped each of Asbo’s heads with it and then held it up towards the sky electricity jumped from Asbo’s heads to the club and Aggro was struck with another vision. He saw New Orleans and then was dragged into the ground and was then pushed further into the ground and he could see vines spreading out and could see the daughters of Erzuile running along the vines picking off dead growths. He saw a heart at the middle of it that was pulsing slowly and he could see the 2 Marissa inside. He then saw the police station and the vines blow out all the windows of the building and then saw a man sitting at a computer and the vines came out of the computer and attacked him and then retreated back into the computer after killing him. Then Aggro snapped out of his vision.

Aggro went back to the mausoleum and opened the door to see Layla crying and she said that she was leaving as it seemed the city was doomed. Aggro then told Layla what he had seen and informed the other round him and Tsuninaga said he had found something under Louis Armstrong Park. Eric suggested that whatever it was that they should blow it up. The Einherjar pulled up in the SWAT van complete with the equipment he requested. The Scions then went to Louis Armstrong Park and found a sewer grate that they travelled through.

The Scions travelled through the sewer system and Tsuninaga had covered his face with shadow so no one could see it but dropped the mask when they had gotten a good distance in the sewer system. They then reached a pumping station and saw that a large fleshly pod that had been ripped open from the inside. Aggro turned round and saw the horror that was walking behind him and attacked it. Eric and the Einherjar joined in and then Eric and Aggro managed to pin the creature with its face in the muck of the sewer pumping station.