[In-game date 10th June, 2007]

  • The USGS reported this Sunday that the city of Las Vegas experienced a small earthquake measuring 3.9 on the Richter scale lasting approximately 8 minutes. No major structural damage was caused, and no-one was injured. A local gambler remarked that, "If God was trying to shake some dimes loose from Vegas, he was going to have to try a lot harder."
  • The BBC and CNN both reported two famous deaths today, each granting a small obituary segment. In Stockholm, condolences flooded in for the widow and family of Mikael Arnborg, the respected philanthropist and businessman who was found hanged in his room this morning. His widow, Frida Arnborg issued a brief statement reiterating the Arnbog family's commitment to ethical neo-capitalist investment in Sweden.
  • In Barranquilla, Colombia a candle-lit vigil was held late Saturday night in memory of noted civil rights campaigner Guillermo Cevallos who died in a suspected arson attack at his home on Saturday evening. Members of Cevallos' group the UGPIS (UniĆ³n de la Gente Para la Igualdad Social)have blamed the Colombian government for the attack, citing the ferocity of the blaze and the rapidity with which it spread as factors for investigation.
  • Serbian warcrimes suspect Piotr Badescu has gone on state television declaring that angels have given him the power to heal the sick and the dying, and that he carries messages from God himself. Badescu has claimed that his "divine powers" are a sign that God has forgiven his past transgressions, and has offered to provide a televised demonstration within the next month in order to dismiss his critics.
  • Police Chief Lawrence Harker is currently under investigation for severe irregularities in the running of Mythic City police force, TX. Investigations centre around an anonymous video tape mailed to the desk of Houston Police Chief Harold L. Hurtt which appears to show Harker engaged in a bloody street battle with several other unidentified police asssistants. State police are attempting to trace those involved to resolve the disputed killings of John, Paul and Luke Sanders, formerly of Mythic. On a related note, the breaved mother Laura Sanders has filed a law suit on a charge of unlawful killing against Chief Harker. Police have been unable to locate either Chief Harker or the boy's father Michael Sanders at this juncture.